Why Hire a Consultant?


Because of the large volume of phone calls by people who are curious about offshore tax planning and by the services offered by tax havens, we have had to limit our chatting and consultations via Whatsapp or phone to clients only. If you are not one of our clients yet and wish to have a brief consultation, we ask you to reserve and pay for a telephone consultation. We have given the options of choosing a 10 minute call at a price of 30.00 EUR, 20 minutes at a price of 60.00 EUR and 30 minutes at the price of 90.00 EUR. As you can see, the price is accessible to everyone, especially for those who need to pay less taxes. Furthermore, 100% of the expense can be deducted from any service acquired. We ask you to please understand that this system helps us to use our time in the best manner and eliminate the curious and time wasters so that we can dedicate more attention to our clients. Please contact us for clarifications.

Ask for information using the questionnaire on the homepage and read the frequent questions

Face-to-Face consultations in Panama and Cuba

All of our customers are always welcome in our Panama office; please have the courtesy to request an appointment and provide your personal information by e-mail. A consultation in our office in Panama or Cuba costs 200 Euros/hour with the Lawyer Caporaso, and 50 euros/hour with an assistant.

Consultations at home

For obvious reasons, we don’t have offices in Europe; in addition, consultations held in the European territory will be less explicit since they have to be held respecting the country’s laws. If you are interested in tax planning for your business and feel the need for a meeting with an expert, you can visit us or pay for a visit from us, at the price of 2,000 EUR + round trip airline ticket and other possible expenses if they apply.


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