OPM wallet: encrypted wallet for sensitive data

OPM wallet: encrypted wallet for sensitive data

The OPM wallet will help you protect your password and personal data from hackers and cybercriminals.

Enough already with trying to remember all your passwords! And what about all those stupid security questions? Who can remember them all?

You’ve probably had to look for the data so you can access an account, without finding them or not remembering where you’ve hidden a password. Well, with the OPM wallet, those days have now come to an end. This wallet will let you save all your sensitive data for bank accounts, e-wallets, credit cards, trading accounts, affiliates, web dominions, hosting, product keys, devices, social networks, etc. All these data are in order of category, in a user-friendly manner, for ease of use and are encrypted so that you only have to remember one password to access all the others.

This program was designed by those who manage a large number of accounts and services that require usernames, passwords and, at times, a series of other data like security questions and other data that usually no one remembers.

Don’t drown in a sea of usernames and passwords or trust online apps that can be lost, whose data can be hacked and which, in any case, maintain data that can be stolen in case of identity theft. This wallet can and must be copied and saved, either in another memory or on the cloud, each time data are updated; since it has no online connections, there's no risk of being hacked. Besides, if you save it on a memory stick instead of keeping it on the computer, you will have the security that only you can access it.

It’s great having all your passwords and sensitive data in a single place, making life easier!

Download it right away at 19.99 EUR the program for your desktop or memory or purchase it with you’re the OPM Corporation’s personalized USB memory card for 44.99 EUR that will be sent to your address.

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