Foreign Companies

How to accept offshore credit cards online

How do I accept online credit cards with offshore activity?

By Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb This is a service that we do not offer directly because the channels are often tedious and have uncertain results that depends on so many external factors, such as the website, activities, products or services offered… Leggere di piú
Which offshore company to choose and why

Which offshore company to choose and why?

The laws that allow the incorporation of offshore companies, i.e. companies registered in a tax haven that allows to operate at zero taxes, are almost all inspired (I’d say copied) by the law of Delaware, United States and almost all, amended i… Leggere di piú
What are the advantages of Swiss companies?

What are the advantages of Swiss companies?

In Europe, dividend flows distributed between companies belonging to the same group can benefit from specific advantages provided for by Directive 90/435/EC (the so-called parent-subsidiary directive), introduced to avoid double economic taxation.… Leggere di piú

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