How to open a bank account in Panama

How to open a bank account in Panama

After the Panama Papers, the offshore world has changed, especially in Panama. Opening a bank account in Panama these days isn’t as easy as it was before; however, the isthmus’ Financial Center continues to be attractive, with its 2 State and 68 private banks — 45 of them with a genera license and 23 with an international license — in addition to 11 international banks with local representational offices.

Because of new norms for the evaluation of money laundering and terrorism financing risks applied internationally, opening a bank account in Panama these days is a long and tedious procedure. The banks thoroughly investigate the client, and for those who aren’t nationals and/or permanent residents, opening a bank account is usually difficult and, at times, impossible.

Caporaso & Partners is a specialized legal firm with offices in the Banking Area and ample knowledge of the laws, banking regulations and policies of each bank, which can advise you on opening a bank account in Panama, in person or remotely.

Request a consultation by email at [email protected] or visit our website to research about how to open a bank account in Panama, Europe or in other offshore jurisdictions, according to your needs.

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