European Attorney in Panama, the solution is Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb

If you’re looking for a European attorney in Panama, Giovanni Caporaso is the solution, with more than 30 years of experience on the isthmus and in the offshore world.

European Attorney in Panama, the solution is Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb

The search for a European attorney in Panama has brought you to Caporaso & Partners. The firm offers a wide range of services for Europeans. Why do we say Europeans and not just clients? Simply because we consider Europeans to be more demanding than average and have developed a series of services designed for their needs.

 As a European attorney in Panama I have the experience matured in Europe and the knowledge developed in Panama. Besides, thanks to my long work experience, I have developed a network of legal and business contacts who will surely be useful in resolving your problems or for developing a new work activity.

Seeing the importance of the Euro-Pana clientele, various law firms have inserted personnel or marketers who speak European languages but don’t always have the necessary experience. Also, with a little research, you’ll discover that they are often the point of reference for journalists who deal with tax havens, paying less taxes and offshore banks.

Often, those who choose to operate offshore are badly advised. Contrarywise, many websites sell their offshore services as though they were products in a grocery store, add to your cart, pay and receive. It’s like doing online accounting with consulting a good C.P.A. first: the invoice arrives later, with heavy taxes and fines to pay. It’s the same thing that attorneys who don’t charge you for the time that it takes to explain things to you, because they want to sell you something. But nonetheless, you’ll find answers to most of your doubts on our website. It’s sufficient to read and study in depth.

Is it better to be advised by an attorney or by a salesman?  

We promote a prior consultation exactly for avoiding errors by the client. And we have you pay for it so you can receive non-partisan advice that can help you save money. Even if this means we lose a sale today. We are interested in long-term client-attorney relationships; we prefer to be your advisor rather than your shop for offshore products. Another way to communicate with you is via email, where you write all the questions you want, to us at no cost. And, in the same way, we advise you to carefully read the frequently asked questions.

We specialize in setting up offshore companies, opening accounts in banks and other financial institutions, and relocating with a residence in Panama, which offers many advantages and doesn’t obligate you to live here. Further, we offer international legal assistance on bank conflicts, blocked accounts, copyright questions, conflicts with clients or suppliers, contracts and much more.

Are you thinking about moving abroad? Or beginning a new digital activity? Or are you maybe thinking about investing in something and you want a disinterested opinion? The European attorney in Panama, Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb is the solution.


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