Who is Panama’s best Lawyer? Choose your lawyer in Panama

Who is Panama’s best lawyer? According to the Supreme Court of Justice, Panama has the highest number of lawyers pro capita of the world.

Who is Panama’s best Lawyer? Choose your lawyer in Panama

It’s difficult to establish which of Panama’s lawyers is the best; the country has more than 22,000 professionals authorized to practice law. Who is Panama’s best lawyer, you might ask. Before answering this question, it’s best to keep in mind that the legal profession is divided into diverse specializations.

Characteristics of Panama’s best lawyer

What characteristics should Panama’s best lawyer have? He will be that responsible professional, with years of experience in law, able to offer advice that allows him to resolve various legal problems that can arise.

A good lawyer will always defend the benefits and interests of his client in any legal procedure. In the sphere of civil rights, the most common are marriages and divorces. In the area of criminal justice, there are accusations and arrests. On the other hand, in the business administration sector, there are companies, contracts, sales and foundations.

Lawyers in Panama can assist you in rent negotiations, sales and purchases of real estate, and personal questions. They can also represent you in negotiations and contracts with public agencies and private institutions. Further, they can advise you on tax returns and carry out procedures related to inheritances and associations. There’s a best lawyer in Panama for each branch of the law.

Included in the wide range of actions carried out by Panama’s lawyers, there’s also that of representing their clients before the courts and public agencies when they receive a fine or a ticket. They also defend their clients’ rights in case of on-the-job accidents and participate as mediators in conflictual situations, whether business, commercial, work or financial. Other actions that Panama’s best lawyer can do is the registration and incorporation of offshore companies and foundations. In this field, without a doubt, Caporaso & Partners – led by the prestigious lawyer Giovanni Caporaso, recognized as one of the gurus of the offshore world – is among the most expert law firms.

Types of Lawyers in Panama

Panama’s lawyers work in diverse specialties in the law, and remember, there are no factotum lawyers. Therefore, if a lawyer tells you he covers every branch of law, you should be suspicious. If you are looking for Panama’s best lawyer, you should control his trajectory and his experience.

Specializations of lawyers in Panama

There are work lawyers, specialized in work rights and social welfare. These specialists mediate in conflicts that take place between workers and companies. Plus, they can advise both job providers and dependents on salary claims, dismissals, and on the job accidents.

Criminal lawyers are specialized in criminal law. Their services are for people who have been accused of a crime. These professionals accompany the client during the investigation and hearing phase.

Civil lawyers are specialized in civil law. These professionals deal with clients involved  in credit, eviction, inheritance and foreclosure cases.

Family lawyers are specialized in family law. They offer their services to clients in child custody battles, divorce, alimony procedures and any other question related to the family.

Commercial lawyers are specialized in commercial law. Their role is that of dealing with establishing companies, foundations and corporations and merging companies.

Administrative lawyers mediate in controversies between the public administration and individuals. They assist clients who find themselves in the process of administrative sanctions and requests for damages.

Tax lawyers are specialized in financial and tax law. They furnish services such as calculating fees and taxes.

Migration lawyers offer their services to clients in investment and migration procedures. Among the elements in which they can sustain are work permits and consultation for temporary or permanent residence in Panama. Plus, they also advise foreigners interested in investing in Panama.

Caporaso & Partners can assist you in various specializations or suggest Panama’s best lawyer for you according to your needs.   


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