Consult experts on how to open offshore bank accounts

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly more common for businessmen to seek opening offshore bank accounts, in different jurisdictions.

Consult experts on how to open offshore bank accounts

This way, they protect their assets better and increase the privacy of their business. Offshore banks are becoming more selective with the customers they accept. Therefore, these days, seeking the advice of experts in these subjects is essential to finally being able to open an offshore bank account for personal, corporate, investment, brokerage or commercial purposes.

The Caporaso & Partners law firm has been advising clients from around the world for more than two decades. They can count on a wide database, with more than 200 offshore banks and a long experience in forming offshore companies and opening offshore bank accounts. A consultation with these specialists can help you decide which offshore bank offers you more advantages, according to your needs.

Why search for expert advice to open an offshore bank account?

The offshore world has suffered a strong media campaign aimed at discrediting it. The stolen information about law firms has led to the much publicized “Panama Papers” and :Pandora Papers”. In this scenario, offshore banks have adopted new restrictions. Now, they are much more selective about accepting to open an account for non-resident customers. These banks only accept, without asking a lot of questions, non-resident customers with large fortunes without any reputation problems.

Therefore, for non-millionaires, obtaining the advantages offered by offshore banks has become an objective even more difficult to achieve. However, it’s not impossible. Many times, it happens because people don’t have the correct information. So then, they rush to the fashionable jurisdiction and try to open an offshore bank account there. Most of the time, they end up losing time and money.

Offshore bank accounts: one consultation resolves a lot!

One consultation with the experts of Caporaso & Partners can help you to not lose time or money and, above all, the things, to reach your objective of opening an offshore bank account. Before suggesting which is the best bank for you, the specialists will investigate for your type of business. They’ll ask about the way you think you’ll use the account. They’ll also evaluate the type of account, whether it will be personal or in the name of an offshore company. With all this information, we in Caporaso & Partners will be able to advise you about the offshore banks with which you can work. Plus, they’ll indicate the most favorable jurisdictions for you to follow your objectives.

Caporaso & Partners works very closely with the principal offshore financial institutions. This permits them to be very up to date with the conditions that link the banks to their new customers. The reality is that the offshore banks face a lot of pressure, originating from international regulatory organizations. Before this, the administrators and functionaries of the Compliance Department of those banks review in detail each document presented by the customer. Facing the tiniest doubt, they refuse their service. Caporaso & Partners can help you so that none of the documents you present has problems.

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