How to buy a virtual Visa credit card with cryptocurrencies

Buying a virtual Visa credit card with cryptocurrencies is simple, and the virtual Visa credit cards are very useful.

How to buy a virtual Visa credit card with cryptocurrencies

If you’re wondering How to buy a virtual Visa credit card also with cryptocurrencies, we’ll describe in this article how easy it is.

Buying a virtual Visa credit card with cryptocurrencies is simple, and the virtual Visa credit cards offer many advantages. The greatest use is for those who want to buy products and services with as much anonymity as possible, and also for those who, for other reasons, don’t have access to the cards, universally accepted in the huge majority of online shops. How can they buy these cards? Can they pay with cryptocurrencies? We’ll respond to these two questions in this article.

Advantages of the virtual Visa credit cards

The traditional Visa debit and/or credit cards are usually linked to a bank account. When you open an account in a bank or neobank, it’s customary for these businesses to offer you one, or several, cards, usually Visa, so that you can use the money deposited in your account more easily.

Before opening a bank account, banks are requiring more and more of the applicant’s personal information. The “know your customer” (KYC) becomes more complex by the day. So, for many, the act of arriving at a bank and applying for a Visa card isn’t a viable option.

For example, Venezuelans and Cubans don’t have the right to manage this type of card because of political reasons. Meanwhile, governmental control of currencies is so strong in other Latin American countries that they can’t use their cards to make purchases from any online shop.

In this scenario, interest has increased for these virtual Visa credit cards. What are these cards? The way they work is almost exactly the same as a traditional Visa card: they have a 16-digit number and a 3-digit security code that only you know. Not only can you make cash withdrawals from ATMs with them, but you can buy products or services on any platform that accepts Visa, and also verify PayPal accounts.

How do the virtual Visa credit cards offered by Caporaso & Partners differ from the other traditional ones?

There is a very important difference: you can put any name and address, because you’re never asked for proof of identity to get one. In a question of minutes, you’ll receive the card number and security code in your e-mail, and you can begin buying. There’ll be no questions or identity checks. It doesn’t matter where you live or what your nationality is.

At Caporaso & Partners, you can get several virtual Visa credit cards (+20% of the value, with a minimum of 100 USD. The amount for which they are refilled will be up to you, up to 3,000 dollars. The card is good for 12 months and there are no monthly charges for keeping it.

Another of the virtual Visa credit card offered by Caporaso & Partners is that you can buy it with cryptocurrencies (+25%). This increases the anonymity of the purchase.

Caporaso & Partners charges 20% of the total of each card and 25% if you pay with Bitcoin and offers them in a range between 100 (we can issue them at a lower value with a higher fee or by volume) and 1,000 dollars. For example, for a virtual Visa credit card of 100 dollars, you will only have to pay 120 dollars (or 125 in Bitcoin or USDT).


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