How to open a bank account abroad without making mistakes

Opening a bank account abroad can be a necessity for a commercial activity or when you have savings to protect.

How to open a bank account abroad without making mistakes

The strategy of having a bank account abroad, or even more than one, can be very helpful from the operational point of view and also for legal and economic security.

Normally, people prefer choosing a bank located in a tax haven. The reason is that countries called tax havens concede ample tax exemptions and are usually particularly stable countries.

Economic stability is without a doubt the most looked for quality because it is the most beneficial factor for capital and wealth. Unfortunately, however, it’s not so easy to find, even in the most developed countries.

It’s a fairly common practice to see how governments alternate or rapidly produce sudden political changes such as nationalism, tax hikes, inflation, tax regulations, expropriations, devaluations, and all sorts of tax thefts for satisfying their immoderate appetite for funds.

So, anyone who has assets or some interests to protect must act to defend and protect them.

It’s not doing something illegal; it’s more than legitimate to protect your work and your savings.

Opening accounts abroad allow you to protect your assets in secure places and protected from undesirable surprises.

However, governments with high taxes, to tackle this phenomenon, have joined forces to try to prevent their citizens from taking refuge from their tax madness. And the system that they have found is to threaten the banks located in tax havens, blaming them of favoring money laundering and terrorism.

How to bank investigations or due diligence

Banks in tax havens, in order to avoid severe penalties, have been obligated to apply protocols that contemplate due diligence, a prior investigation foe each new customer. The most used term is compliance.

For these reasons, the banks in the tax havens had to eliminate anonymous and numbered accounts. Then, they became much more demanding regarding the new client’s activity and the origin of the funds.

These days, they demand that, at the opening of the account, the customer is physically present and shares certain documentation prepared according to its norms and requirements. If they aren’t satisfied, they’ll tell him he is a customer who doesn’t comply with their norms and won’t open the account for him.

And it’s right here that the majority of people looking for a bank, without having a prior preparation on how to overcome the investigative process made by the bank, start have difficulties.

Caporaso & Partners is a firm of lawyers specialized in offshore finances. We do NOT own banks or financial entities, so we can’t guarantee the results. However, we can advise you so that you have a 99% possibility of opening one or more bank accounts. Keep in mind that the bank wants to deal with you and not with intermediaries.

Bank Form

How I will help you open a bank account abroad

To proceed in the best way possible, we need to know what your needs and objectives are so we can find the best solutions.

We’ll propose two steps for you:

STEP 1: Communicate your needs through a brief phone consultation where we’ll ask you a few questions, to better understand your needs.

This step is of vital importance because I want to feel free to explain, in full detail, the pros, cons, and expenses of opening a bank account abroad. Once we’ve established the feasibility, we’ll agree, during step 2, on the best personalized strategy applicable to your case.

STEP 2: before beginning our assistance for opening a bank account abroad, we require that you pay our consultancy fees, the price of which is 350.00 EUR, or its equivalent in another currency or cryptocurrency. The Caporaso & Partners law firm will assist you for 30 days while opening your bank accounts or e-wallets abroad.

The assessment includes compilation of the information required by the bank; we’ll indicate one or more banks for you; we’ll fill out the pre-opening form for the account and we’ll instruct you on how to make the videocall or phone interview that you will have to do with the bank.

This last part is very important because the bank’s compliance personnel will ask you “trap” questions to determine whether your account poses a risk for the financial entity. You might be wondering, “but how can I convince the bank that I’m not an at-risk customer?

This is what I’m going to explain to you and it will be vital for passing the due diligence.

This way, you can finally open a bank account abroad and keep your money and your assets safe.

Reserve your phone consultation now.

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