How to open a corporate bank account in the United States

Opening a corporate bank account in the United States, without traveling to this country, continues to be very complicated.

How to open a corporate bank account in the United States

The American banks usually demand the customer’s physical presence, as well as a series of documents before agreeing to open an account. Nonetheless, options have appeared so you can open a corporate bank account in the United States from the convenience of your mobile phone or computer. We’ll explain how to do it, here.

First step for opening a corporate bank account in America

A quick explanation: opening a personal bank account in America, completely online, is impossible for a nonresident. The way to obtain this online corporate bank account is to create a Limited Liability Company LLC), with which several banks will allow you to open a commercial account.

Many people, when hearing talk about companies, businesses, think that it’s an expensive and slow process. It’s exactly the opposite. Setting up an LLC in America can be done online, in a very short period and with very inexpensively. All from you’re your mobile device, without having to request a visa and travel to America.

These days, there are different businesses who take care managing the entire process of setting up your LLC for you, as well as the application for opening the bank account in America. The expenses for these services fluctuate between 400 and 700 dollars. Among these businesses are Mercury, Start Global, Get lifted, ezFrontiers, My US Company.

Advantages of a business bank account in America

These businesses take care of the entire process of setting up your LLC, along with opening a corporate bank account. The first step is to confirm that the commercial name you want to give your LLC is available. Then, the business suggests in which State it is best to incorporate your LLC, for example, in Delaware, California or Florida. Plus, the business draws up the operational Agreement and manages the EIN (employer’s identification number) with the IRS.

This business also acts as the registered Agent, so you won’t have to worry about having a physical address in America.

The middleman businesses work with various banks, so when you incorporate your LLC, these businesses will help you open your corporate bank account in America.

All you must do in this account is make an initial deposit, and you’ll just have to maintain it with a minimum balance. Added to this is the fact you won’t have to pay annual fees to keep the account.

Banks that accept opening bank accounts for LLCs

With your LLC’s bank account, you’ll have access to a MasterCard/ Visa debit card, both virtual and physical. Additionally, you can make transfers to most of the banks in America, as well as SWIFT and Wire transfers.

American banks that work with LLC corporate bank accounts go from big businesses like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, PNC, Capital One to smaller banks like Evolve Bank & Trust, Radius Bank, Axos Bank and BlueVine.  



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