Offshore Banks Directory: the best help for finding your offshore bank

Offshore Banks Directory: the best help for finding your offshore bank

The Offshore Banks Directory, which is part of the OPM Corporation Network, is recognized as the most complete and up-to-date directory on offshore banks. On this platform, it is possible to consult news, access the characteristics of the world’s principal offshore banks and request advice from experts of the offshore world, through an online form or phone consultation.

The most interesting and most consulted section of the Offshore Banks Directory is the Directory itself. The 50 jurisdictions with the greatest number of offshore banks appear there. The internaut, when entering a jurisdiction, will find up-to-date information on this place, the most relevant financial authorities and the list of the banks, each one identified with its logo. By clicking on a bank, you will access a summary of the most important characteristics of this institution, the services it offers and a link to its official site.

These days, the Offshore Banks Directory includes more than 400 banks in its data base for which it is by far the most extensive directory that exists regarding this special type of financial institution.

One of the Directory’s most in-demand services is its online application on the site’s homepage; it has become a very useful tool for those interested in using the advantages of the offshore world. In more than a few occasions, people don’t know which offshore bank best suits their needs. Some of them turn to expert consultants to find the answers to these possible doubts, but these consultations can be expensive; however, the Offshore Banks Directory offers the answers that a person is looking for completely free of charge.

First, the online form asks the person who is choosing, why he needs an offshore bank, if he is opening a personal or corporate account and the currency they will use (Euros or American  dollars or if it will be a multicurrency account). Then, as a second step, the person enters his personal data, with emphasis on his nationality and country of residence. Next, he has to choose the reason why he wants to open the account, or rather, is it for commerce, investments or savings. After, he must enter the amount of the initial deposit. In the last step of the application, the person will have to enter the estimated monthly and annual cash flow of the account he wishes to open.

Once the application has been completed, the Offshore Banks Directory experts will analyze  all of the information, cross it with their database and send back a series of suggested banks that are suitable according to the person’s data  and needs. Time and money are saved this way.

The latest news on the world of offshore banks

Offshore Banks Directory has a great interaction with its visitors which is shown in two of the platform’s sections. In the “Report a bank swindle” section, for example, it’s possible to file a report about frauds that a particular bank, fake bank or financial institution may have committed.

In addition, the Offshore Banks Directory makes the most up to date news about the offshore bank world available to its visitors. This is also very useful , since those interested in knowing about the transformations in the offshore banks they find; in the same place there are very different news and analyses, also written by experts in this area.

 Offshore Banks Directory can count on versions in three languages (English, Spanish, and Italian; the home page is also translated into Russian), so that it has been placed as the best platform where people from any part of the world can know the latest news of the fascinating scene of the offshore bank.

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