TMPR, a public registry that tokenizes trademarks into NFT

The Trademark Public Registry (TMPR) is an online platform where you can register a trademark at an international level

TMPR, a public registry that tokenizes trademarks into NFT

The Trademark Public Registry (TMPR) is an online platform where, through smart contracts, you can register a trademark at an international level and tokenize it as a non-fungible token (NFT).

The Trademark Public Registry (TMPR) doesn’t substitute national and international trademark registries, but does offer trademark holders a legal support, with worldwide validity. This platform protects trademarks registering them as NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. The information entered into this chain can’t be modified, so the person has a certificate that indicates the exact date on which he registered his trademark.

This certificate can be used in court in case of litigation over the ownership of a trademark.

The NFTs have only one owner, so that the person who registers his trademark not only has the valid registration date guaranteed on an international level, but also the capacity of offering guarantees to possible buyers about who is the real owner of the trademark.

Furthermore, the TMPR platform uploads the logo to the interplanetary Filing System (IPFS). This is a project that consists in a network of computers, distributed around the world, in which decentralized information is stored. This guarantees the permanent availability of the logo, since multiple copies are created in the nodes that support the IPFS network.

Any person in the world can register their trademark in the TMPR. The process is simple, doesn’t take much time, and is much cheaper than traditional registries. The fee is 199 Tether (USDT), a stable cryptocurrency with a 1 to 1 ratio with the American dollar. Added to this is a tax of 1-2 dollars, in another stable cryptocurrency, BNB, as Gas so that miners on the Ethereum blockchain can carry out the transaction.

The payment is made through the e-wallet, Metamask. This serves as a bridge between users and the TMPR. Metamask is downloaded as an extension or plugin on the main browsers like Google chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, among others, so it’s easy to use.

Register your NFT trademark with our VIP service

Users who don’t know how to interact with Metamask can request a VIP service, for the price of 100 USDT, and the Caporaso & Partners team will take charge of the entire process of registering your trademark.

Before registering a trademark or logo on the TMPR, it’s advisable to investigate first on TM View and other international databases for products or services to ensure that no other person has previously registered this trademark.

Trademarks registered on the TMPR as NFTs can be marketed on the TMPR Marketplace, a space where buyers and sellers can negotiate. Payments will always be made through Metamask, in USDT, and there are no minimum or maximum prices, since these are set between the two parties involved in the transaction.


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