A mobile App can change the course of your business

Maybe you didn’t know it, A mobile App can change the course of your business by connecting you to your customers 24/7

A mobile App can change the course of your business

Having a mobile App for your business will allow you to be within reach of your customers 24/7, where they can specifically request what your shop can offer them as consumers. This is an inexpensive investment and gives your business prestige.Your APP in the App market will significantly improve your relationship with your customers. Although it’s not as easy as you might think, having an app is a challenge, one of the most common errors is confusing a mobile App with a responsive website, by believing that they both carry out the same function when it really isn’t how it goes.

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Businesses have to keep in mind that there is a big difference between mobile Apps and responsive websites.

The design of the responsive website is developed to be adapted to the display of a mobile device, which allows an experience similar to that of reading from a computer, avoiding zooming and dragging your device’s screen from one side to the other.

The mobile App, instead, is software that must be installed on your mobile device, which demands that it functions directly from the operating system, facilitating access to information.

 Tending to the user’s experience is important; this will permit you to offer convenience to those who use your brand the most, who are commonly the ones who pay better and who are also responsible for sharing your brand with other people. Strengthening customer – business relationships is fundamental when developing your mobile App.

During the last decade mobile Apps have become the most efficient tools for businesses, specifically in the area of e-commerce, something to be expected since the Apps will facilitate your users’ lives, permitting interconnectivity and improve their experience while purchasing products and services.

Flurry Analytics, a company dedicated to analyzing Apps for different platforms, undertook a study where it summarized that the average user uses his phone approximately five hours, where more than half of that is used on Apps. During the year 2017, income generated through Apps reached a total of 36 thousand million USD.

The App revolution changed the dynamic  of the market for always. Because of it, the implementation of these business model systems is an important pillar for the growth of a start-up.

Apps are currently the reason why users remain so long on their smartphones, something to be expected if we list the reasons; they simplify a large part of the day-to-day procedures. Purchases are made more quickly and securely, communications are immediate, the range of entertainment options is huge, it allows the user experience (UX) to be the main strategy for creating customer and consumer loyalty.

An important factor is the profitability; you can confer an App to a brand, allow customer centralization, understand what they want, when they want it, and look for the most adequate way to deliver them.

Acquire your App for Android now.  


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