How to fool your mobile phone’s GPS

If you’re wondering how to fool your mobile phone’s GPS, it’s because you aren’t allowed to use some apps because of where you’re located

How to fool your mobile phone’s GPS

Learn How to fool your mobile phone’s GPS and freely use the apps or games that block you because they don’t like where you are

If you’re wondering how to fool your mobile phone’s GPS, it’s because some game or app won’t let you use it because of your location. The GPS integrated to our mobile phone is a very useful service because it helps us understand where we are in case we get lost.

The flipside is that, at the same time, the geo positioning services can become a nightmare. We leave traces of where we have been and, in not just a few cases, we can’t access some apps. Is it possible to “fool” the GPS and show that we’re somewhere else? Yes, and we’ll explain how to do it here.

Advantages of simulating locations on your GPS

The advantages of simulating locations on your GPS are very diverse. For example, on the subject of security, the “fooling” is extremely valuable. If, for any reason, you think you are being spied on through the GPS on your phone, you can shake off your pursuers with this mechanism. Plus, if your spouse asks you to show where you are at that exact moment through the option offered by WhatsApp, you can show you are at one spot without really being there, by using the explanation that we will give you.

If you are thinking of traveling to some spot and you want to have a reference on the best places to visit, you can “fool” Google Maps and tell it that you are already there. Then, by simulating the location, Maps will show you the recommendations for that place.

Another advantage is that there are games based on the GPS in order to function, like Pokémon GO. When you  “fool” the geo positioning service, you can access these games. Nonetheless, the act of simulating locations can also be accompanied by various risks. If you are one of those who like to play Pokémon GO, be careful, because this platform can become aware of the deception and block you for cheating.

Further, Google reviews your location constantly since it accesses your services. If it notices when you start “jumping” to various locations from one moment to the next, it will also temporarily block your account. One detail: ““fooling” the  GPS on your  mobile phone doesn’t mean you are damaging it. You’re simply using an app that shows false coordinates, but your device’s  GPS won’t undergo any problems.

What do I do to  “fool” my  GPS?

The simplest way to  “fool” your mobile phone’s GPS and, therefore, the apps that make use of your geo positioning, is to install an app for the Android operational system, like Fake GPS. This APP costs 0.80 cents USD; if you know of another, tell us in comments.

After installing the APP, you need to go into the phone’s settings. Once there, search for “phone information.” Once inside this section, press “number compilation” ten consecutive times. With this, you will have activated “development options.”

The next step is to search for the section “choose app to simulate location.” Depending on the brand of the phone, it’s possible that this section of settings doesn’t have precisely the same title, but a similar one. In this menu, choose “Fake GPS Location,” which, since it has already been installed, will appear as an option. Everything is ready.

The last step is the easiest. Open Fake GPS Location and choose, on the map that will pop up, where you want to be. Click on ”play” and, from that moment on. Any spy or app that uses the geo positioning will think that you are at the site indicated by the Fake GPS Location.

This lets you open accounts in banks that don’t like you leaving your home, or play Pokémon GO.


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