What is the best way to move abroad?

Moving abroad is a life-changing decision. Therefore, you need a structured plan

What is the best way to move abroad?

A successful plan for moving abroad has to meet all your objectives. Keep in mind that a bad moving strategy could lead you to make mistakes. This could have serious negative consequences. This could lose you both money and your time. By following these four tips, moving abroad is likely to be a smooth and successful process.

First of all, you should be very clear about what you want to do with your new life, both in terms of business, property management and leisure time. Keep in mind that, if you are relocating with your family included, you will also need to consider their views on the above issues.

You will also need to determine your interests and where you will spend most of your time. This is key, as from those answers you will determine where to establish your tax residence. You can choose to keep it in your home country or in the new place you are moving to. We recommend that you always consult a tax expert who can help you in your decision.

The third point to consider is the territory that suits you best. There are many factors that influence this. You should take into account those jurisdictions that are attractive to you for their economic and political stability, for their natural beauties and, in addition, where you will find more tax advantages. We advise you to look for countries that have residency or citizenship programs recognized worldwide. To this we add that they are territories where you can easily incorporate a company or move yours to that jurisdiction.

The fourth element is closely related to the previous one. The choice of the country to which you are going to relocate should also be based on the facilities offered by that territory for your personal finances. Ideally, it should be a low tax jurisdiction with policies that protect your personal information. We can help you identify the jurisdictions that best suit your interests and motivations.


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