Opm Corporation has created a network of websites on specific topics such as: tax havens, residence abroad, second citizenship, offshore banks, to provide organized and professional information


We have created  a network of specialized web portals to facilitate our clients’ searches.


The official portal of the Caporaso & Partners law firm offers international legal services; relocation, residence and citizenship abroad; banking litigations and recuperation of blocked accounts; contracts; offshore and onshore bank accounts; cryptocurrencies and much more. The law firm Caporaso & Partners Law Office of Panama, founded by the lawyer Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, offers its most demanding clients an electronic network of lawyers and accountants, ready to provide the legal and financial assistance necessary for planning your financial activities or for resolving disputes.


The oldest and most complete website specializing in Tax Havens. It offers services like offshore companies, offshore banking, offshore bank accounts, legally transferring funds abroad, tax planning, companies in Panama, companies in Delaware, companies in Belize, companies in Nevis, private foundations in Panama, foreign banks, residence in tax havens, foreign bank accounts, prepaid credit cards, low-cost VoIP calls, fiduciary services, residence in Panama.


An offshore bank directory that analyzes the various financial centers and offshore bank jurisdictions. Reveals banking rackets, news about offshore banks and helps clients find the best banking solution.


The portal specialized in how to obtain a second citizenship, low-cost residence in tax havens, obtain a second passport and begin a new life with a “new” identity.


The website that explains everything about cryptocurrencies, helps novices access cryptocurrencies and introduces the common man into the world of  cryptocurrencies, with simple language and complete articles that answer all your questions.


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