SEO Content and backlinks to make your website take off

Creating content for your website by creating SEO articles and backlinks, to position certain keywords.

SEO Content and backlinks to make your website take off

If you don’t have time for creating SEO content and backlinks for positioning your webpage in the search engines, we can help you with SEO experts with extensive experience in the sector. Plus, since we buy SEO services wholesale, we can offer you the best prices on the market.

The success of our customers is important at Caporaso & Partners, and we’re putting our staff of experts at your disposition. We want to help you!

This package consists in the creation of content for your website by creating articles and backlinks. These SEO articles are directed toward promoting a certain keyword in the search engines, of a service or product that you are offering. It can also be used for affiliated programs or sales on Amazon.

Benefits of the SEO content

Content is of vital importance for your website. Without content a website isn’t positioned and, therefore, the user won’t have anything they can see.

A website’s position is crucial if we want to be able to contact our objective user. Without content there is no communication and without communication Google can’t point out our website to the user.

What the content on your website is used for:

1) attracts the ideal user

2) informs them

3) points out your product

4) convinces them to take action.

Each of these steps must be accompanied  by specific content points out certain key words that have the objective of reaching the desired task.

Structure of the Caporaso & Partners SEO proposal

The creation of N. 4 monthly articles of 750 words related to key words referral market.

The creation of N. 2 monthly backlinks originating from the website with an Authority Score higher than 40

The creation of N. 2 – 750-word articles for the Backlinks Sites.

All this for only 300 Euros per month.

Advantages of SEO positioning

The advantages of SEO positioning bring in income that is much higher than the monthly investment. Plus, at the same time, it’s much more economical than paying for advertising. Your users are going to establish an emotional connection with you and your products or services, and, at the time of need, you will be one of the providers that they will hire with trust.

Wait! We have an EXTRA SEO bonus for you!

Purchase your package now and you will get a special BONUS!

At the beginning of your second month, we’ll write you a free article on our opinion, review or advice for one of your products, valued at 30 Euro.

These articles could generate income for months or years and for unlimited amounts of money.

Be one of our SEO premium customers and get another BONUS

And if you hire us and pay for a minimum of 3 months, we’ll offer you an SEO Audit Express (valued at 50 EUR per month) of your website to control whether your site has the maximum potential for taking advantage of content creation and backlinks.

Purchase the package now and begin to build your online success with the spirit of a winner!


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