Naturalization in Panama

Permanent residents in Panama can, after five years of residence, opt for naturalization (citizenship) by presenting these documents through an attorney, addressed to the President

Naturalization in Panama

Permanent residents in Panama can, after five years of residence, opt for naturalization (citizenship) by presenting these documents:Requirements for requesting nationality papers, paragraphs 1-2-3 (Art. 10 of the Constitution).

Power and Request through an attorney, addressed to the President of the Republic of Panama

POWER must include

  • Complete Name (according to the Permanent Resident card). Applicant’s complete address.
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Birthplace
  • Nationality (include your current citizenship, stating whether it is original or acquired)
  • Permanent Resident card number
  • Applicant’s phone numbers
  • Name and nationality of parents
  • Declaration of reasons for the application
  • Express renunciation of original nationality
  • Must obtain the free and spontaneous desire to obtain the Panamanian nationality.


  • Supported with dates and respective  proof
  • Point of Law on which the paragraph of article 10 of the Constitution is specified, which serves as the basis of your request and the Executive Order 3 of 22 February 2008.
  • Lawyer’s complete name, phone numbers, and address.
  • Authenticated Copy of the applicant’s Permanent Resident card


Of the reasons for the application, the express and irrevocable renunciation of original citizenship and demonstrate the free and spontaneous desire to obtain Panamanian citizenship (in front of the Notary Public).


  • When requesting this certification, the information must be as documented in the Permanent Resident card.
  • Certificate of criminal record issued by the Panamanian authorities.


  • General Medical certificate, which proves that the applicant doesn’t suffer from contagious infirmities.


  • It can be proved with the presentation of one or more of the following options:
  • Work card, accompanied by the file CSS or the paycheck receipt, if it is a public service or a rent statement with the respective payment receipt or bank statement.
  • Prove that he/she complies with their tax obligations by presenting the National Paz y Salvo.
  • Personal interview of the applicant.


  1. Authenticated copy of his/her passport from the Consulate or Embassy of the corresponding country and Foreign Affairs. (Alien Registration seal).
  2. In those cases where the foreigners don’t have representatives from their country in Panama, one from a friendly nation will do.
  3. Two passport-size photos ( women must wear short-sleeved blouses without a high neck, and for the gentlemen, coat and tie).

Price for the Naturalization:  2,000 EUR


In the case where the naturalization card is requested on the basis of paragraphs two or three of Article 10 of the Constitution, he will have to attach, in addition to the afore-mentioned requirements, the following documents:

For Paragraph 2

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate of Panamanian spouse or children

    For Paragraph 4

  • Photocopy of the Reciprocity Law duly authenticated in front of the consulate of the ed concerned country, in Panama.
  • Certificate of Good Standing and the Rule of the Reciprocity Law issued by the Consulate of the applicant’s country of the origin, accredited in the Republic of Panama.




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