Marco Saba: Yes for striking against taxes

Taxes are used mainly for paying annuities to those who have acquired titles for the public debt. The State, which has conceded its sovereignty of creating currency to private banks

Marco Saba: Yes for striking against taxes

Interview by the lawyer Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, with the economist and forensic accountant Marco Saba

Why do  the Italians have to pay so many taxes?

Taxes are used mainly for paying annuities to those who have acquired titles for the public debt. The State, which has conceded its sovereignty of creating currency to private banks, is maintained above all by taxes on fuels and gambling.

What role do banks have in all this?

Interest-bearing securities are issued by the Treasury and regularly sold through auctions at which a handful of mostly foreign banks participate, denominated “Specialists in State bonds”. You can see the list here. 

It should be kept in mind that the banks buy the securities creating deposits out of nothing whose seigniorage is never inserted in the balance.

So, in a certain sense, you’re saying that not paying taxes is legal?

I’m saying that renouncing all of the State’s monetary sovereignty on the circulating currency in favor of private parties who falsify their balances is a huge idiocy that is difficult to justify with the public. Preserving a mechanism that practices such an obvious injustice toward the sovereign people, through the payment of taxes that would substitute the legitimate monetary earnings that the State should collect in the first place, is a senseless act of masochistic collaborationism. It’s precisely with a strike on taxes that the citizen can make his right to have an honest administration of public finances prevail and, in so doing, resist the corrupt management of the monetary question. It is, therefore, a legitimate action, in the context of an informed citizen: the civil objection to maintaining this racket of an administration that has become the worst enemy of the people.

What should the State do in order to not have to apply such high taxes?

The State should simply, just like the King, Mussolini and Aldo Moro did, directly issue State currency to reconstruct the country and offer a decent lifestyle to its citizens. In fact, with the monetary creation, all measures of welfare and economic recovery that the country urgently needs can be paid. The State has this power because it is recognized by the Lex Monetae and not exercising it is carrying us toward a social catastrophe with thousands of suicides every year, couples no longer having children, business desertification, etc.

Meanwhile, how can the citizens defend themselves?

Asking the State to exercise its power without delegating it to banks which, functioning as intermediaries, should be the ones asking the State that created them to loan them money. And not the contrary. This is exactly what they can do with their tax objection, or rather, refuse to continue feeding the monster, choosing to pay minimum taxes through :fiscal shopping”, or rather defending themselves from theft by choosing less vampiric jurisdictions.

You recently found a way to be able to earn from the system’s inefficiency. Can you explain how you did this?

I carried out twenty years of forensic accounting investigations on bank balances and discovered a way to recover the money that banks hide in their balances. Because there is an article in the Civil Code that rewards “treasure” finders, I asked the Court of Genoa to recognize my reward for finding the 25 billion in the CARIGE balance, meaning 1.25 billion. Because the bank refused to recognize the prize, I asked for the recognition of the entire amount after a year. The case is currently in appeal and there will be no sentence until 2021. Meanwhile, I have securitized and dematerialized part of the credit with a bond for 1.2 billion issued in 2015 that I’m attempting to monetize to cover legal expenses. (CARIBOND MT0000981200). It’s a sort of bet whose fruits we will see in the future.

Are there still hidden treasures of this kind? Could anyone find them?

Certainly. All banks hide treasures in their balances. We’re talking about an annual minimum of at least a thousand billion in liquidity. Just in Italy there are 500 banks with balances to be reviewed. Obviously, in order to transform the recovery into a possible earning, you need, above all, to make use of a specific professional consultation and have money to invest in the procedures.




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